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Valleyoak Character Directory

A list of characters native to Valleyoak, a grove tucked between arms of the Stonespire Mountains where a clan of Sprites guards the Feywild crossing. Significant personas are listed here in order of importance.


Valleyoak has no aristocracy, no system of land ownership, and no monarchy. The territory of the clan is worked and guarded by all of the clan, and rules of personal property are loose and fluid.

Local Government

The Valleyoak Clan has no official government. Decisions made by and for the clan are raised and debated in a democratic fashion, but much more weight is given to the word of leaders within the community, with the most credence being granted to the opinions of the clan elders, who also mediate disputes.

Civilians with a certain amount of power and influence in Valleyoak include:

  • Granny Wyx, an elder and superior healer. Granny Wyx has one of the strongest voices in the community and has not gotten mellow with age, still a firebrand and a proud agitator. Many in the community learn to brew potions, poisons, and ameliorates from her. Her brown skin is as wrinkled as a walnut hull and her hair has gone milkweed white, but her lean frame is still wiry and strong despite her age.
  • Captain Teo Thornapple trains and supervises the guardians of the portal. Since most of the community takes it in turns standing watch, this means he has a responsibility to keep every able-bodied member of the clan in fighting shape, equipped, and well-drilled. Sharp-tongued and suspicious, he takes his duties very seriously. Teo wears his armor and weapons everywhere, and is always ready to show a youngster the proper way to handle a blade. He has dark brown skin and black hair that fades to moss green at the tips, and has incorporated thorns into his armor at the joints and on the toes of his boots.
  • Nox Moonshadow is one of the clan’s best hunters and scouts. With skin black as night and hair the faint silver-blue gleam of starshine which he wears tied back in a messy knot, his grim expression and white-feathered arrows are feared on both sides of the crossing. His biting nature often puts him at odds with Captain Thornapple, but the friction between them is subsumed by their attention to duty, and Nox stands ready at Teo’s side whenever the clan is threatened. The two often have loud, vigorous debates about how to allocate the clan’s resources.
  • Fiarth Greenberry is a accomplished wizard from an illustrious family. The Greenberrys are well known for producing casters, and are accustomed to wielding authority based on their magical power. Despite this privilege Fiarth, while polished and eloquent, has managed to avoid becoming insufferable. He is outgoing, a natural leader and a team player, with a ready laugh and an even readier hand at offensive spells. His skin is deep brown, his hair a kinked matte black worn pulled back in a bundle of twists. He usually wears fall colors to accentuate the deep gold of his eyes and his wings.
  • Ryme Hammerhull is one of the most expert crafters in the community. He tans hides and stitches leather for armor, grinds down wood, bark, and nut hulls for armor and tools, shapes bone, and helps erect new homes and structures. In many ways he is a generalist, not a specialist, and as a result he often finds himself responsible for training and supervising lesser crafters. Ryme is dry-humored and straightforward, a no-nonsense sort with a steady nature and practical way of thinking. His skin is night blue and his hair is moss-green, worn in a knee-length braid. He is almost never seen without his many-pocketed apron and his tool-belt weighed down with the implements of his trade. He also has a rather old-fashioned fondness for curl-toed shoes and whimsically striped stockings, and doesn’t much care who calls him unfashionable.

Heroes and Adventurers

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Citizens and Quest-Givers

  • Kael Sunspark is Valleyoak’s most powerful sorcerer. That his magic is not nature-based makes him somewhat isolated among his people, seen as Other. The fact that his magic is Wild Magic and can cause any number of unintended consequences doesn’t help. Many of his peers consider him a hazard, and he lives on the edge of the village, but he would be the first to say he isn’t treated poorly. With dark skin and hair that seems to capture the gold of the sunlight, Kael wears clothes dyed violet and goldenrod and has some of the only gold jewelry in the village. He is always on the lookout for spell components and magical accouterments, and has a particular interest in the history of wyld magic, searching for a way to control his talents.
  • Lei Moonshadow is a younger cousin of Nox. A wizard, he is shy but curious, soft-spoken but quick-witted, and rather innocent. His skin is pale blue marked with dark blue freckles, his hair black fading to teal worn in a long tail. He most often dresses in shades of blue, and can often be seen lugging books of lantern-fruit skin bound in birchbark to and fro. Lei is eager to expand his studies, and fascinated with stories of the world outside Valleyoak, as well as anything to do with magic. He is delighted to barter his services as a spellcaster for such treasures, or even trade goods. He is a tentative friend of Kael’s.


The area around Valleyoak is unusually flush with fey beasts, some of which have escaped the Valleyoak Clan’s best efforts to hunt them down and end their predations. Dryads, Nixies, Nymphs, and Satyrs are also common, though they respect the Sprites’ territory even as they draw off the nearness of Faery. In contrast, the Feywild side of Valleyoak is very safe and heavily settled by the Sprites, who have cast a wide net in order to limit the infiltration of Feywild entities into the mortal plane.

  • Old Ven – Old Ven is a green hag who takes on the appearance of a darkly beautiful elven witch. In this disguise she entices children and travelers, and either eats their flesh or tortures them until they go mad, at which time she eats their flesh. She also delights in striking bargains with others, cheating them out of precious possessions or convincing them to disobey their ideals. The Valleyoak clan is well aware of Old Ven’s true nature, and the fact that she lives nearby, but despite warnings some impetuous or foolish young Sprites find themselves begging Old Ven for spells and potions. Inside Old Ven’s moss-grown shack on the mortal plane is a door to the rest of her home in the Feywild, a large and crumbling black mansion surrounded by a small swamp and weeping willows. In this mold and spider-infested structure, she keeps a larder of victims when she can, and conjures foul forces against her enemies.

Valleyoak NPCs

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