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Straddling the mighty Truin River between the Stonespire Mountains in the north and Shimmersea to the south, the Dwarven city of Dragonsgate serves as a beacon of civilization in a wild and dangerous region. Dragonsgate is progressive and prosperous, ruled by a mighty (and some say immortal) lord who claims all the surrounding townships under his protection and governance.

But like any mature city, Dragonsgate holds many secrets, from the mysterious Lord of the Tower Overlook to the fey beasts that stalk the outlying forest. There is plenty of adventure to be had for those with the bravery to claim it.

Current Season: Early Autumn
Current Government:
→ Regional – Lord Caes of the Tower Overlook
→ Local – Mayor Tormhald Rustfell
Regional Conflicts:
→ Undead have been spotted around the Thicket west of Freewater.

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