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Dragonsgate is a major city-state straddling the Truin River midway between the Stonespire Mountains in the north and Seaport in the south. Lord Caes of the Tower Overlook protects and regulates all of that territory, stretching west to the King’s Road. Characters listed here are in general order of importance.


Lord Caes of the Tower Overlook
Mayor Tormhald Rustfell

Local Government

Local government in Dragonsgate is made up of Chairs of Guild Chapters, the Council of Master Artisans, and a small handful of local elders with the influence to ensure they are consulted on matters of law and policy.

Master Barrus Holmfast
Master Otak Greensgold
Master Gimric Rustfell

  • The Bureau of Public Works – Run from the Mayoral Estate, the Bureau of Public Works is responsible for general upkeep and civic engineering issues in Dragonsgate. Known by their bulky brown leather tool belts with pewter buckles featuring the dwarven runes that make up their acronym, members of Public Works roam Dragonsgate at all hours of the day and night whittling down an endless list of complaints and requests. Fixing potholes, cleaning the streets, clearing blocked gutters and sewers, repairing superficial damage to buildings and structures, even clearing trash and purifying publicly-used water are all among Public Works’ responsibilities. The Bureau employs a number of low-level mages, using cantrips such as Prestidigitation and Mending to deal with every-day messes. Acolytes at the local temples often do a stint with the Bureau as well, to ensure they develop a sense of civic pride. The Administrator of the Bureau is a harried dwarf named Hollond Hammerswell who is going prematurely gray and loves paperwork more than is generally considered natural.
  • The Adepts Guild – A young, small, and barely-organized collection of penny-conjurers and dabblers, the Adept’s Guild formed in response to the use of magical adepts by the Bureau of Public Works, to foster a sense of camaraderie and ensure fair pay and treatment for for-hire mages in Dragonsgate. Most adepts can case cantrips and maybe a small handful of level 1 spells, and most of them find employment in Public Works. But the guild leader, a half-elf named Taryld, lusts for greater magical knowledge and dreams of the day the guild will host a truly accomplished mage among their ranks.

The Watch

Brighid Deepwater-Rustfell, Captain of the Watch

Heroes and Adventurers

Sir Rakshael, Captain of the Knights of Dragonsgate
Rentaa Durin
Sir Vincent of Cadderly Dragonsgate

Citizens and Quest-Givers

  • Janos Slynt herds sheep on the foothills of Greencleft, east of Dragonsgate. Lately something has been killing and eating his sheep. He is convinced it is a dragon.
  • Grumm Rustfell works for the Banker’s Guild as an Asset Manager. When Lord Caes or the Banker’s Guild have errands for which they require freelancers, Grumm posts notices and assesses any respondents for suitability before drawing up the appropriate contracts.


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Dragonsgate NPCs

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