Ryder Tremain

Ryder might resemble a human if not for the webbing between his digits and the gills along his neck.


Ryder is a compact, well-muscled figure, powerful without being overly tall or bulky. His skin is a dusky brown and his cropped hair is black with the faintest dark green sheen. His eyes are such a dark brown they’re nearly black, like a shark’s, measuring and pitiless. He looks almost human, but close examination reveals the webbed skin between his fingers and toes and the open gills fluttering with every breath, lining his throat.

Like many children of the storm, Ryder keeps his own council. He speaks seldom, and then with consideration and quiet authority. His hands and feet are calloused from the waves and rocks of the monastery, and his skin often carries a faint sheen of salt spray. He is handsome in a raw, primal way, and his long years of study and mastery of the martial arts have granted him an effortless aura of deep and quiet power. Few live who have seen his passion unleashed, but whether in bed or in battle, the experience is universally memorable.

Ryder prefers simple clothing of weathered black leather and herringbone stitching, sometimes with the addition of his fishing net wrapped around his powerful shoulders. He goes barefoot everywhere to let the webbing between his toes breathe. He wears traditional deep blue tattoos across his shoulders and chest, and thanks to mentoring Jakken Unglut, was given a ritual orcish scar on his right forearm in recognition of his prowess.


Ryder is half-merfolk, the product of a liaison between a man and a mermaid. Born without a tail, he would not have been able to keep up with the migrations of his tribe, so he was given up to Blackrock Monastery to be raised. To this day he does not know who his mother or father were, but he doesn’t much care – he has never felt a strong need for family.

Ryder is an experienced monk and respected teacher at Blackrock. He also serves as a liaison between the monastery and the outside world – he learned the shipwrights craft and has connections to the guild in Seaport, and his facility with undersea languages makes him an able diplomat between the Monastery and the schools of merfolk and tribes of sea elves who live nearby. He is an expert sailor and navigator, and is responsible for many of the more artfully detailed maps contained within the Blackrock library.

Ryder Tremain

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