Jakken Unglut

This half-orc is big and brawny, but he carries himself with more restraint than many of his kind. His eyes gleam with calculating intelligence.


Standing 6’5" at 250lbs, Jakken carries his intimidating size with uncommon self-composure. His clothing is made of hides, but they are neatly cut and stitched, clean and sized for him. The fur accents are brushed and gleaming. His skin is a dull olive green, his close-cropped hair black, and his eyes an unassuming brown. Appearance-wise he favors his human parent, with only a slight flattening of the nose, underbite with small tusks, and scraggly-pointed ears to mar his features. His eyebrows are expressive, and he usually wears a look of dry amusement or disengagement with his surroundings, though he is much more perceptive than many people credit him for.

Jakken’s rank among his Orc tribe is attested to by the scars cut and burned into his skin, from his chest across his shoulders and down the length of both of his arms. He wears these scars with pride and displays them publicly, and doesn’t much care if others find them disturbing. He fights with a longsword and shield in heavy plate armor that leaves his arms and head bare.

In person, Jakken is taciturn and practical. He’s uncommonly well-spoken for one of his breed, and measures his words with gravity and thoughtfulness. His actions are equally well-measured – some may think him quick to fight, but the truth is that he assesses each situation for the most effective strategy. It’s just that for someone who looks like him, violence (or the threat of violence) is often the most effective strategy. He has opened many doors simply by placing his hand on his sword hilt and staring down an obstacle, and doesn’t budge whether that obstacle is a squirrelly doorman or an angry dragon. He doesn’t rush and he doesn’t scare.


Jakken was born into the Unglut orc tribe. Like many half-orcs, his superior intellect enabled him to rise to prominence among his peers. As he grew mature he was given the leadership of a war band, and managed to earn a number of his scars by distinguishing himself in raids and in battle.

However, Jakken found he could not be satisfied among his primitive tribe. He wanted to see the world and learn more about its secrets. He claimed the desire to go on a spiritual quest and left with the blessing of his tribal leaders, and eventually found his way to Blackrock Monastery, where he trained with the monks and warriors in the ways of primal power. Now he travels the world with Edain, serving as both a bodyguard and an intimate companion.

Jakken Unglut

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