Special House Rules

About The DM

Sonneillon V. is 30, married, the parent of one towheaded boy and two marvelous cats. Sonne (they/them pronouns) is a Hellenic Polytheist Witch and can be found on Tumblr, Archive of Our Own, and roll20.


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Special Rules and Systems

Sonne’s Vastly Simplified Home-Brew d20 System
This system works with D&D as a base, but it has been boiled down heavily to accommodate for text-base RP. In text-based, the emphasis is on collaborative storytelling. The system needs to exist only when elements that directly affect the characters need to be randomized in order to be fair. Combat is the biggest example of this, but other examples might be picking a lock, making an important diplomacy check, or crafting a masterwork sword.

View the simplified system here.

Special House Rules

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