Sir Vincent of Dragonsgate

This knight's eyes are too grave for his youth, and carry a bitterness he refuses to share with the outside world.


Vincent is tall and handsome, the very figure of a classic knight, with striking blue eyes and a strong jaw. His hair is dark brown, cut short, and he wears neatly trimmed stubble on his face. He is still a young man, just barely into adulthood, but he seems too grim-natured for his age and rarely smiles or jokes unless he is with Nym. Only the faun has the ability to pull him out of his shell, and Vincent treats Nym with every courtesy and privilege afforded in courtly love.

Vincent serves Lord Caes unwillingly, but is prevented by geas from betraying the Lord of Dragonsgate in word or in deed. The locals don’t know this, but they have picked up on the fact that Vincent is not happy to be in Dragonsgate. Many of them insist on treating him like a sulky child, which only exacerbates his distaste for his circumstances.


Vincent is the fourth son of the Lord Ulrich, Baron of Cadderly. Knowing his inheritance would be minimal and hoping to keep himself out of a monastery and perhaps earn a spot in the King’s Guard, he set out to do something extraordinary – kill a dragon. His quest led him to Dragonsgate, where he fell under Lord Caes’ power and patronage. Now Vincent serves Caes as a reluctant Knight of Dragonsgate, unsure whether he’ll ever be allowed to return home.

Sir Vincent of Dragonsgate

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