Sir Rakshael, Captain of the Knights of Dragonsgate

Pale as moonlight and grimly silent, this Tiefling knight gives the impression of cold remove.


Rakshael, “Shae” for short, is not particularly tall or broad. He manages to be plenty intimidating just the same. His skin is utterly milk-white and his waist-length hair is as black as ink, usually bound up in ornate braids or combs. He has straight, slender horns arching back over his head from midbrow, and his eyes are the vile green of venom or poison. His tail is slender and spade-tipped and his fingernails are black talons. He has yet another tiefling deformity, one hereditary to his family – cloven hooves instead of feet.

Shae prefers to dress in dark, sober colors when he is not wearing the uniform of a Knight of Dragonsgate. The warm browns and golds and rich dark greens look odd on him and he knows it. But he conducts himself as he feels a knight should, serving Lord Caes with respect and deference, speaking quietly and courteously to his liege’s citizens and acting with valor and dispassionate obedience.

Still, Shae’s soul is not entirely frozen over. He is close to Caes’ chatelaine, Ozarian, and while he dislikes public displays of affection the truth of their relationship has leaked out and become common knowledge. Residents of Dragonsgate politely pretend not to notice when Oz becomes affectionate in public, and most of them give Rakshael as much space as he would prefer, but they do not hesitate to enlist his aid when it is needed, knowing he will respond with professionalism and competence.


Rakshael is a refugee from the Feywild, having spent his early life as a bodyguard and servant to a prince of the true fae. When that relationship ended, a part of his life he steadfastly refuses to discuss, he was found and taken in by Lord Caes of the Tower Overlook as a personal bodyguard for his chatelaine, Oz, who often had to leave the Tower to conduct his liege’s business. Shae and Oz bonded quickly, and Shae began to grow and expand his depth of knowledge under Lord Caes’ patronage. He was offered the opportunity to enhance not only his combat skills, but also his knowledge of history, tactics, politics, and languages.

During his service Shae showed such improvement that Lord Caes promoted him to captain of the Knights of Dragonsgate. He still serves his lover, Oz, as a bodyguard and companion, but his duties have become more expansive and far-ranging. He protects both his lover and his liege-lord with a combination of martial and magical skill, and is classed as an Eldritch Knight.

Sir Rakshael, Captain of the Knights of Dragonsgate

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