Mayor Tormhald Rustfell

Age has begun to diminish this dwarf's once-doughty frame, but echoes of the power of his youth cling to him still.


Tormhald Rustfell is a dwarf in his final stage of life. His skin is stained with liver-spots and his beard is almost fully white with streaks of gunmetal gray. His dark, deep-set eyes still gleam with a vital spark, but his hands tremble occasionally. The talk, though respectful, is that it will soon be time for him to step down.

Tormhald still wears the armor forged for him in his youth and carries the warhammer with which he once beat back the monsters and bandits that plagued young Dragonsgate from the wilderness. Despite the many privileges of being mayor, he never crossed from stoutness into fatness, and his insistence on actively training and supervising the Watch has helped him keep fit into old age. Now his shoulders are stooped and his skin a bit sunken, but the power of his booming voice is undiminished.


Tormhald was a youth, the young son of Torrald Rustfell, when that worthy dwarf led the Rustfell Clan from the Stonespires to settle under the Tower Overlook. He remembers all the old agreements, the first days of his beloved city, and is as much a part of its soul as the dragon bridge itself. When his father was mayor, Tormhald was Captain of the Watch, a responsibility he continues to take seriously. Now, as mayor, Tormhald has overseen the growth of Dragonsgate from a bustling trade town to a full-fledged city-state and a major power in the region.

With typical dwarven emphasis on community, family, and order, Tormhald’s policies have helped make Dragonsgate friendly for new settlers, an ideal place in which to start a business and raise a family. The discipline and dedication of The Watch in support of the community is the legacy of which he is most proud. He is still known to supervise trainees and sometimes patrols the bridge and the streets in the late hours of the night when he doesn’t care to sleep.

Tormhald currently lives in the Mayoral Estate near the center of town, adjacent to a number of temples and other civic buildings. The Mayoral Estate, shaped like an inverted U, is as much town hall as home, and most of the major functionaries in the city have offices on the first floor or in the basement levels. Tormhald himself lives in one wing, and the other is reserved for guests of the Mayor, visiting dignitaries, and the like. Official functions are often held in the massive central gardens.

Though Tormhald is well respected and has many friends, he was too married to his work to marry and have children of his own. As such, when he chooses to step down he leaves no clear successor for the post. However, anxiety is low, as dwarves commonly choose new leaders by democratic lot and both Tormhald himself and Lord Caes are certain to have recommendations when the time comes.

Mayor Tormhald Rustfell

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