Master Otak Greensgold

The Master Brewer's auburn beard is marked with streaks of gray, and his flushed cheeks and hooked red nose attest to a lifetime of enjoying his craft.


With an echoing laugh and a potbelly barely contained by sumptuous clothing, Otak Greensgold is a figure of wealth and merriment well known about town. His hair is a glorious burnished red-brown streaked with gray, usually braided in stylish partitions with gold clasps holding it in order. He prefers brightly colored clothes in rich, expensive fabrics, and carries his custom-made gold-inlaid tankard on his belt right next to the Master Sash given to all Dragonsgate Artisans of master status. He usually smells of hops, and his fingertips are permanently stained dark brown from his years of brewing work, with a number of rings forced down over his pudgy knuckles.

Though he is a friendly dwarf and a gregarious host, Otak is also a shrewd businessdwarf, and often uses his jovial personality to get people to relax their guard so he can hammer out a deal that favors him. He doesn’t do so out of malice, merely good-natured avarice, and his employees view him with a sort of exasperated fondness while his customers happily enjoy his company and fill his purse.


Otak Greensgold is the current Master Brewer and controlling owner of the Dragonsgate Brewery and the Dragon’s Pint tavern. He sits on the Council of Master Artisans, and is currently one of three brewers (one of whom is his partner, the other a competitor) to hold the Master title. He inherited his shares in the Brewery and the Tavern from his father, Rlog Greensgold, and has maintained the good name and prosperity of the brewery since then.

As a member of the Council of Master Artisans, Otak is a sponsor for many of Dragonsgate’s biggest public traditions, such as the Brewers & Bakers Festival (basically Oktoberfest), the Winter Crafts Regalia, and the Midsummer Festival. He owns three river barges which he uses to ensure Dragonsgate Brewery’s products are the most popular drink in every town on the Truin, and owns a small but opulent apartment in Seaport, where he travels once a season to maintain and gather new contracts and vendors, and also to fulfill his duties as chairman of the Brewer’s Guild, which has offices in many cities in the region, including Dragonsgate.

Master Otak Greensgold

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