Master Gimric Rustfell

This swarthy dwarf has a professional smile and a decisive manner, but his dark eyes glitter with avarice.


Master Rustfell’s skin is brown and his beard is even darker. He uses oils and salves to relax the hair, giving it a smoother, shinier appearance and making it much easier to tame with gold and silver clasps and small knots of platinum or electrum wire. He wears rich colors and expensive fabrics, but in simple, non-ostentatious styles, preferring the geometric cuts of traditional dwarven clothing to more modern styles. He wears a modest amount of jewelry and of course his Master’s Sash, and cultivates an appearance of professional restraint, avoiding the vulgar displays of wealth favored by some of his peers.

Master Rustfell has a gravelly, but intelligent way of speaking, and his keen black eyes glimmer at the thought of making money. He does his best to treat all his customers with care and consideration… after all, one never knows whose fortunes may rise or fall in a decade. However, he saves most of his enthusiasm for his biggest clients, whose affairs he falls all over himself to manage, constantly seeking accolades and offers of projects with higher stakes.


Gimric Rustfell is a master Scribe and the Chairman of the Banker’s Guildhouse in Dragonsgate. Relatively young, but with a nose for numbers and ambitions of great wealth, Gimric commands a small legion of scribes, accountants, secretaries, notaries, private guards, and other worthies to ensure the safety and growth of the guild’s assets, as well as his own. He also has another very important charge – the personal fortune, and accounting books, of Lord Caes of Dragonsgate. In addition to his other duties, Gimric is often called upon by Lord Caes personally to see to his financial interests and needs, a responsibility that makes him puff up with pride.

Aside from simply storing and making money and verifying legal documents, the Banker’s Guild also serves as a go-between for Lord Caes in hiring couriers, adventurers, and other necessary freelancers to ensure the safety and smooth running of his demesne. Jobs are posted, contracts signed, hirelings assessed, and successful, promising workers may find themselves with more and more lucrative contracts and prestige within the guild itself.

Gimric also owns a good deal of property around Dragonsgate, and is landlord to several small businesses and immigrant families. As a member of the Master Artisan’s Council, he represents the interests of the Banking Guild, and has a close alliance with Otak Greensgold.

Master Gimric Rustfell

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