Master Barrus Holmfast

This gray-bearded dwarf has a bald pate and forearms scarred from years of metal-splatters. He wears his Master's Sash belted around a heavy leather apron, and apparently doesn't see the need for a shirt.


Barrus Holmfast is a gruff, keen-eyed master metalworker with a shop near the western gate. His brawny torso ripples with muscle, particularly through the shoulders and arms, and his stiff gray beard is braided only above the mouth, left to bristle across his chest as added protection against flying sparks, spotting it with black burns and shriveled ends. He has dark eyes under very heavy brows, from which he peers out in dry suspicion, judging those he meets based on how hard he thinks they’re willing to work and how much common sense they display interacting with him.

Master Holmfast’s shop is open-air, with a partially-enclosed browsing area displaying weapons, tools, buckets and baskets of small parts, and bulk nails and screws. His forge is up front, and he can be found there rain or shine, pounding sparks from raw metal ore that rain onto the flagstone pavement at his feet.

He is known to wear his apron even when he isn’t working, claiming it has all the pockets and hooks he needs for everything he keeps close to hand. However, when coaxed into other clothes, he prefers simple, sturdy gear in neutral colors and braids his beard into one thick plait that stands out stiff to mid-chest.


Barrus Holmfast is an immigrant, having traveled from far Dwarven settlements to the west as a youth in search of a good place to ply his trade. He settled in Dragonsgate as an apprentice to a Master Armorer, and while he chose to practice a more generalized craft, he steadily grew in skill and esteem until he was finally awarded with the title of Master Metalworker and a seat on the Council of Master Artisans. Master Holmfast isn’t terribly interested in politics, but he makes time for the Council because he often finds himself at odds with several other voices on it, particularly Otak Greensgold and Gimric Rustfell. He feels if he doesn’t participate as often as he can tear himself away from his work, the Brewer’s and Banker’s guilds will run roughshod over the rest of the town and those with smaller business, like himself, who aren’t bolstered by guild presence in other cities.

Master Holmfast currently keeps two apprentices; Blarny Beleager (who is hopeless, but whose mother Barrus made a promise to) and Faragh Dumm, a young female dwarf who shows much more promise. He is a devout worshiper of Moradin, and has the ability to create enchanted arms and armor.

Master Barrus Holmfast

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