Lord Caes of the Tower Overlook

A handsome elf with platinum hair and dusky skin, Lord Caes embodies effortless grace and power.


Lord Caes is taller than most elves but just as slender, all lean muscle and immortal grace. His skin is brown but his hair is silver-blonde, cut just long enough to brush the nape of his neck and fall across his eyes. His features are haughty and sharp, his eyes a dark, deep green like dappled sunlight through thick leaves, and he moves with the bearing and self-assurance of a born ruler… or an apex predator.

Despite his intimidating beauty, Caes is well-loved among the Dragonsgate populace. He appears periodically to participate in festivals and celebrations, to officiate over new projects, to render judgement on disputes of the law, and to recycle some of his fortune back into the community by commissioning local artisans. He is well known to be an old friend of the mayor, Tormhald Rustfell, as well as most of the town’s prominent elders. In person he is brutally intelligent, but thoughtful, soft-spoken and patient, and usually very gracious even toward the commoners under his jurisdiction.

It’s commonly known that Lord Caes enjoys the company of beautiful and talented young men, and many young men of Dragonsgate yearn to claim a coveted spot serving Caes personally in the beautiful Tower Overlook. Despite such an elevation being the dream of many, it happens so seldom that those who do serve him publicly have a sort of Cinderella status among the townspeople, their reputations chased with a romanticism that goes beyond the authority granted to them by wearing Lord Caes’ coat of arms.


Lord Caes is as old as Dragonsgate, or so the story goes. Though he appears to be an elf, common rumor holds that he is actually one of the True Fae of the Deep Wood. Centuries ago, the Rustfell Clan of Dwarves found themselves refugees, driven out of their homes in the Stonespire Mountains by marauding clans of hobgoblins under the leadership of a fearsome creature known only as Kulvvor Blackgullet. Homeless and far from any allies they might entreat for aid, they traveled south along a vein of the Stonespires, hoping to find a new home underground.

What they found instead was an old, ruined watchtower left over from an empire of Giants that had once spanned the region. And in the tower was a creature, now called Lord Caes, who bargained with the dwarves for protection and a homeland.

Where the Rustfell Clan settled, Dragonsgate was born. They built the titular bridge to extract tolls from those using the Truin to ship north/south, and soon wealth began to pour into the newborn city. The dwarves built and built, and soon humans, halflings, and others settled with them and expanded the town’s reach. They founded Rushwater to the south and Freewater to the north and began to cut farmsteads and pastures out of the forest, restrained by Lord Caes’ strict laws regarding preservation of the Deep Wood. The Watch was founded under the command of the Mayor of Dragonsgate to keep the peace and handle regular infractions, but Lord Caes also created his own force of peacekeepers and problem-solvers to travel his realm – the Knights of Dragonsgate, bearing the coat of arms of the dragon rampant.

Lord Caes of the Tower Overlook

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