Kylis Ekari

This Tiefling's razor smile promises excitement , restrained only by the quelling hand of his brother.


Kylis is lean in the graceful way, a finger’s width shorter than Iaski and far more outgoing. He has the same blood red skin and the same nubby horns that protrude from his brow and jaw lines, and the same seething red-gold eyes. The difference is that he smiles and talks and cracks jokes, showing off his dark sense of humor to whatever audience he’s been presented. His hair is waist-length and perfectly straight, and he generally wears black armor of cured leather reinforced with blackened metal plates.


Kylis is Iaski’s half-brother of the same age, and the two are almost never found without each other. He is a thief and assassin by trade, and works for Lord Caes as a paid asset, not a vassal. He lives with Iaski in Freewater, pursuing their own purposes.

Kylis Ekari

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