Iaski Ekari

Lean and hawk-faced, the teifling's eyes burn red-gold and his expression suggests dry disinterest.


Whipcord lean, with sharp features and short-cropped hair, Iaski Ekari is intimidating without even trying. His horns are short stubs along his brow line, and he has additional protrusions along his jaw, an odd but hereditary configuration. He has blood red skin and eyes that seethe with a molten red-gold light, and usually wears black leather reinforced with metal in the style of old Bael Turath. Soft-spoken and cold, Iaski rarely displays any emotion besides sarcasm and disdain, but when roused on a subject of academic interest he proves himself to be both intelligent and articulate. He dislikes closeness or physical contact with anyone besides his half-brother Kylis, and has been known to hex those who violate his personal space.

Iaski’s familiar is a pseudodragon named Sitznip. It is usually found on his shoulder or climbing around on his body.


Iaski has made a Warlock’s pact but also has levels of Sorcerer representing his inherent magical ability. He specializes in infernalism, and commonly uses his dark magic to increase his own fortunes and those of his brother. He does not serve Lord Caes as a vassal, but as an asset, a paid freelancer who is willing to troubleshoot issues in Caes’ realm for a price.

Iaski Ekari

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