Edain Windborn

This halfbreed could almost pass for a full drow, but wears a motif of lightning instead of spiders.


Edain stands 5’9" and weighs in at 135lbs, with the trademark slenderness of an elf. His skin is a light, gray-black and his hair is white, mid-length, just long enough to hide the roots of his sidelong pointed ears. His eyes are a common shade of red. Despite his appearance he only half-drow, but his other parent was another breed of elf, so he doesn’t have the human-like characteristics of many half-elves.

Edain wears darkwood plate armor and carries a shield of the same material, burnished black on black with crawling lightning motifs. With a similarly black cloak and riding a black horse, he cuts an intimidating figure despite his leanness, and the hilt of his sword is made of polished black rock set with electrum, carved with angler-fish fangs. He is a deft hand with a fishing spear and net, and in battle can call a spiritual weapon; a whip made of water and lightning.

Edain carries with him the arrogance of the very well-educated. He speaks five languages and has cultivated a depth of knowledge uncommon to most lay monks. His smile is sharp and vicious, his tongue as much a weapon as his sword. His standards are harsh, but he holds himself to the highest standard of all, and doesn’t hesitate to brutally punish himself for his failures.


Edain was abandoned as an infant above the cliffs of Blackrock Monastery. Having predicted a coming storm, the monks decided to test his worthiness by allowing him to weather the squall unaided. Despite the cold and exposure, Edain survived and was accepted as a child of the storm. The name ‘Windborn’ was given to him in the absence of his parents’ names.

Edain quickly proved to be naturally intelligent and a quick study. His relationship with the orthodoxy of the ascetics at Blackrock was much more spiritual than philosophical, and thus he became a learned cleric rather than a monk, taught the bleak rites of storm and sea and charged to bring the teachings of the monastery to the outside world. In many ways he was privileged to grow up in Blackrock – despite the harsh training, his caretakers held no prejudice toward his drow parentage and treated him exactly like the other children. In some ways he finds it difficult to adjust to life outside the monastery, where he may be attacked on site just for his coloring, but traveling with Jakken Unglut has helped to ensure his safety.

Edain Windborn

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