Brighid Deepwater-Rustfell, Captain of the Watch

Obviously born of mixed parentage, Brighid has the stout frame and braided sideburns of a dwarf, but the height of a human.


Brighid Deepwater-Rustfell is a mul, the offspring of a Dwarf stonemason father and a Human riverfolk mother. With deep, dark skin and wild black hair kept in order by a multitude of ornamented braids, she poses a proud and intimidating figure as Captain of the Watch of Dragonsgate.

Brighid has a dwarf’s burly frame and a human’s height, standing almost exactly five and a half feet tall and weighing more than two human women of the same stature. She has yet to be beaten in arm-wrestling, hammer-throwing, or the caber toss. Though she has a terrible scowl, she is also boisterous and quick to laugh, and has a loud, commanding voice that can often be heard ringing out over the streets from the Watch’s training yards, putting recruits through their paces.

Brighid is usually found on-duty wearing the Captain’s Armor, carrying the Shield of the Watch and a warhammer, which is The Watch’s typical weapon. The Watch’s colors are gold and brown. When off-duty, she prefers simple, sturdy clothing and usually wears her shield of office, so even out-of-uniform her presence can intimidate potential troublemakers into behaving themselves.


Brighid’s father and mother are both respected members of the community, and in a town so thoroughly mixed their marriage is not as odd as it might seem elsewhere. She was raised to the post of Watch Captain by Tormhald Rustfell himself, when the captain who had succeeded him retired, and has commanded Dragonsgate’s peacekeeping force since then.

Brighid joined the Watch as a young girl whose strength and sense of justice saw her thumping heads and bossing around most of her childhood friends when they got out of sorts. Several of those friends found their way to the Watch with her, and are now her closest lieutenants, including Bull Lyargovitch, a burly tiefling male, and Sassy (Seestra) Longbrewer, a dwarven female with a keen eye for investigation. Brighid has held the position for thirty years, her lifespan extended by her dwarven heritage keeping her hale and hearty for the call.

Now Brighid is known as a tough, but fair captain, disciplined at work and boisterous in the tavern, well respected and politely feared by law-abiding citizens of Dragonsgate. She has a number of trophies from games of skill and strength at festivals, which she keeps in her office at the Watchtower. The Watchtower is not actually a tower, though they do man towers along the river and the road just outside the city, but actually a complex where members of the Watch work, train, and sometimes live. She also has an office at the Mayoral Estate, where she works in close collusion with Mayor Tormhald on issues of policy.

Brighid Deepwater-Rustfell, Captain of the Watch

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