Artemis Vyn

This tattooed wood elf wears the colors of the ocean waves, and carries storm clouds in her eyes.


A sharp-featured beauty like most of her kind, Artemis stands 5’11" tall, with at least another couple of inches granted by the thick waves of her black hair. Her skin is dark brown and her eyes are storm gray, darkening to black when she feels emotional. She wears tattoos in ocean-blue, displaying motifs of sea life and storms as well as runes of power like the ones carved into her driftwood bow.

Artemis dresses in grays, blues, and murky greens… the colors of the sea. Some of her clothing is made of little more than netting where it isn’t weathered black leather. She wears her hair bound back in practical twists and braids and usually carries a severe expression, glaring down her nose at those she interacts with.


Artemis was born in the rime-slicked depths of Blackrock Monastery. In her youth she pledged herself to a primal power and received the blessings of the ocean in return. Like any child of the storm she is quiet and dire, sure-footed, uncomplaining and swift as the wind.

Artemis Vyn

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