The World of Dragonsgate

Unwanted Attentions

The Fallen Grove

Continuing their travels north, Nym and Vincent paused to make camp and found themselves sufficiently exhausted to sleep through an additional day. Upon waking, they found themselves in the presence of Robin, a mischievous but good-hearted Saytyr, who offered them hospitality and entertainment. On Nym’s discretion, they accepted the offer, shared wine and food, and explained their mission. They found Robin a sympathetic audience, and when the revelry was done, he invited himself along on their mission.

Robin quickly established tension between himself and Vincent by making his lust for the human obvious. While Vincent attempted to parry the much more experienced satyr’s conversational jibes, he ultimately found himself unable to compete on even footing with an established rake. Friction grew as the trio traveled north.

At the foot of the Stonespires they stumbled (literally) over an Ogre and quickly dispatched it. Tracking the creature back to its lair, they made camp and laid ambush for the Ogre’s mate and children, who soon returned to the cave expecting a meal of fresh manflesh. Instead, Robin’s archery and Vincent’s swordplay quickly dispatched the brutes.

Continuing on the next morning, Nym took the lead to guide his party to the portal. As they approached the portal, the party was attacked by a pair of Displacer Beasts. They took a beating, but kept the animals well in hand and skinned the hides afterward. Vincent’s injuries were of concern to Nym, but Vincent reminded his love that battle is what he is trained for, and he will continue to be hurt so long as he pursues his duties as a knight – it’s a fact of life.

As the party continued on, they located the grove and a ring of mushrooms surrounding the portal to the Feywild. However, they were waylaid by a clan of forest Sprites, guardians of the portal. Vincent explained their mission, and sensing his truthfulness the Sprites pledged themselves as guides and soldiers to destroy the corruption threatening the Deep Wood. They offered their hospitality until the portal would open at twilight, which was accepted. However, while bathing and washing clothes, Robin made a too-aggressive pass at Vincent, which caused a verbal altercation. Realizing he had overstepped, the satyr apologized to Vincent, but tension remains between the two, with Nym caught in the middle – fond of his ‘cousin’ and appreciative of his help, but defensive of Vincent, whose social moors do not allow for the kind of casual fraternization that is the norm for Satyrs.

To Be Continued…


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