The World of Dragonsgate

Lover's Quarrels

The Master's Many Bundles of Joy

Oz and Sir Rakshael disembarked in Seaport and made their way to the Wyvern’s Rest, where they were well received and given a suite with a wonderful view. After settling in, they traveled first to the glassblower’s shop to commission the seawater tank, then down to Farrier’s Rock where they met the tiefling Rigger, a tinkerer and salvage expert. Oz was instantly attracted to the tiefling’s impressive physique and returned later for a midnight assignation. Rakshael was deeply hurt and made jealous by this, and the two were launched into a severe interpersonal conflict that nearly ended with Oz abandoning the quest and his lover and running from his problems. However, Lord Caes’ timely intervention via sending stones was sufficient to convince Oz that the better decision would be to stay and repair his relationship.

Due to the underlying drama, Rakshael and Oz struggled to perform the research Lord Caes required of them. They presented themselves at the Mage Tower for library access each day without fail, but their progress was slow because of their distraction. Finally, Oz reached out to Rakshael to make amends, and they were able to honestly discuss their needs and expectations with one another and make peace.


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