The World of Dragonsgate

Into the (Fey)Wild

The Fallen Grove

The Valleyoak Clan of warrior sprites accepted Vincent, Nym, and the satyr Robin as guests in their grove. They feasted the travelers and pledged to serve as their guides in the Feywild, and also to assist them in their quest. This offer was gratefully accepted.

At twilight, the party passed through the portal – a fairy ring in the center of the grove – and found themselves in the Feywild. Their escorts gave them little time to marvel at the sights and sounds of this new plane, and urged them to begin traveling immediately. Faery’s eternal twilight made the cycles of night and day irrelevant, but having already traveled nearly the full day, the party soon began succumbing to exhaustion as they approached the edge of ‘safe’ territory. They made camp on the edge of the Sprites’ land.

After a mercifully long sleep, the Sprites led them into the wilds of Faery. Serving as scouts, the Sprites were able to successfully guide the party around most obstacles, but this cautious method of traveling restricted the group’s speed. They did not make nearly as good time, and were forced to search for hours for a suitable camp site, which they eventually found in the home of a pair of friendly dryads and a curious nymph, who agreed to allow the weary travelers to bathe in her pool IF each of them gave her a token in exchange. They made the exchange gladly, bathed and refreshed themselves, and had a boisterous conversation with the nymph, who was eager to hear all about their quest and the happenings of the world outside her grove.

The Party went to sleep under the shelter of the dryads’ branches.


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