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Dragonsgate FAQ

What is Dragonsgate?

Dragonsgate is a fictional town set in a generic D&D universe developed for play by Sonneillon V. All Dragonsgate content and characters should be considered the property of Sonneillon V. if they are not already the property of Wizards of the Coast.

This wiki exists to convey setting information to those playing in the Dragonsgate universe. Locations, history, and NPCs are provided here for use in Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

What system does Dragonsgate use?

Dragonsgate is specifically a Dungeons & Dragons world, but can be adapted to suit any low-tech or pre-Victorian fantasy universe. Currently, campaigns are being run in Dragonsgate using 4th and 5th edition depending on the preference of the players. MOST current campaigns are 5e.

Do I have to make a character sheet?

You do not! Most role-play in this campaign is text-based, not dice-based. However, a character sheet can be very useful in determining the extent and limits of your character’s abilities, and of course, you don’t benefit much from XP rewards if you aren’t leveling your character.

How does leveling work?

There are essentially two kinds of play – Quest, and Down-Time. Quest Play involves following a specific plot, solving a particular problem, possible combat, possible skill tests and social tests, and other things that require characters to think, learn, and grow. XP rewards will be assigned for Quest Play as milestones are reached, and when the quest is completed. Down-Time play is mostly social sandbox play, and does not earn XP rewards. You can do as much down-time play as you want, but it will not assist you in leveling. Quest play earns you experience, which helps you level up.

Do I need to log/prove my dice rolls?

No, we work on the honor system here. This isn’t about the DM killing the players, it’s about creating a world in which to explore stories together. Plot tension is best fueled when your character has a chance at losing and failing.

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